ARs 05:


Reece Cox ~ "Broca's Talking Candle" CS



The skull is an image of Phineas Gage - man whose skull was penetrated by a metal spike during a railroad construction accident in 1848, severing parts of his frontal lobe from the rest of his brain. Miraculously, Gage Survived. His change in behavior after the accident peaked the interests of physicians who studied him closely until his death years later. Gage is perhaps inadvertently responsible for neuroscience as we know it. The frontal lobe is where Broca’s Area (Area 44 and 45) is located (discovered in the 1860s). Broca’s area is the part of the brain responsible for the formulation of verbal communication. Individuals who experience damage to Broca's area suffer Broca’s aphasia where in they can comprehend incoming verbal communication but cannot formulate verbal language themselves. This disorder is reflected in the compositions and sculptures. The compositions were arranged using midi mapping technology to create sequence structures from the human voice. Each composition uses the same sequence through different routings of a modular synthesiser, mimicking the distortion of information processing that takes place during the cognition of a person suffering Broca’s aphasia.