ARs 07 ~ Adam Schwarz "Legalize All Drugs"


ARs Media is proud to present “Legalize All Drugs”, the debut album from Adam Schwarz, FKA “Schwarz” or “Schwarz69” under his full given name. As the album title, and song titles such as “Wide Racial Disparities in Arrests, Prosecutions, Sentencing and Deaths”, suggest, the album is dedicated to “Everyone who has died or been imprisoned due to the International Drug War” and advocates for a drug policy that “prioritizes human life over profit”. The music contained within continues to explore a kind of "psycho midi jazz" that Schwarz produced on the 2016 Bánh Mì Verlag release “Both Worlds 69” under the moniker “Schwarz69”.  But in "Legalize All Drugs" things become more refined, more mature and more unexpected all at once. No kind of sound experiment is neglected.  Everything from demented midi jazz, piano and string ballads, harsh noise, and house and hip-hop beats occur within the albums 12 tracks.